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Jeremiah by Passage


JEREMIAH. (7th-6thcent.bce). 621bce (Jerusalem)Jr.1.1-3
The call of Jeremiah.Jr.1.4-10
Two visions.Jr.1.11-19
God's care for Israel.Jr.2.1-3
The sin of Israel's ancestors.Jr.2.4-13
What Israel's unfaithfulness led to.Jr.2.14-19
Israel refuses to worship the LORD.Jr.2.20-25
Israel deserves to be punished.Jr.2.26-37
Unfaithful Israel.Jr.3.1-5
Israel & Judah must repent.Jr.3.6-18
The idolatry of God's people.Jr.3.19-25
A call to repentance.Jr.4.1-4
Judah threatened with invasion.Jr.4.5-12
Judah surrounded by enemies.Jr.4.13-18
Jeremiah's sorrow for his people.Jr.4.19-22
A vision of coming destruction.Jr.4.23-31
The sin of Jerusalem.Jr.5.1-11
The LORD rejects Israel.Jr.5.10-19
God warns his people.Jr.5.20-31
Jerusalem surrounded by enemies.Jr.6.1-8
Rebellious Israel.Jr.6.9-15
Israel rejects God's way.Jr.6.16-21
Invasion from the north.Jr.6.22-30
Jeremiah preaches at the temple.Jr.7.1-15
The disobedience of the people.Jr.7.16-28
Sinful deeds in the valley of Hinnom.Jr.7.29-8.3
Sin & punishment.Jr.8.4-17
Jeremiah's sorrow for his people.Jr.8.18-9.16
The people of Jerusalem cry for help.Jr.9.17-26
Idolatry & true worship.Jr.10.1-11
A hymn of praise.Jr.10.12-16
Coming exile.Jr.10.17-25
Jeremiah & the covenant.Jr.11.1-17
A plot against Jeremiah's life.Jr.11.18-23
Jeremiah questions the LORD.Jr.12.1-6
The LORD's sorrow because of his people.Jr.12.7-13
The LORD's promise to Israel's neighbours.Jr.12.14-17
The linen waistcloth.Jr.13.1-11
The wine-jar.Jr.13.12-14
A warning against pride.Jr.13.15-27
The terrible drought.Jr.14.1-18
The people plead with the LORD.Jr.14.19-22
Doom for the people of Judah.Jr.15.1-9
Jeremiah complains to the LORD.Jr.15.10-21
The LORD's will for Jeremiah's life.Jr.16.1-13
Return form exile.Jr.16.14-15
Coming punishment.Jr.16.16-18
Jeremiah's prayer.Jr.16.19-21
The sin & punishment of Judah.Jr.17.1-4
Various sayings.Jr.17.5-13
Jeremiah asks for help.Jr.17.14-18
Sabbath observance.Jr.17.19-27
Jeremiah at the potter's house.Jr.18.1-12
The people reject the LORD.Jr.18.13-17
A plot against Jeremiah.Jr.18.18-23
The broken flask.Jr.19.1-15
Jeremiah's conflict with Pashhur the priest.Jr.20.1-6
Jeremiah complains to the LORD.Jr.20.7-18
Jerusalem's defeat predicted.Jr.21.1-10
Judgement on the royal house of Judah.Jr.21.11-14
Jeremiah's message to the royal house of Judah.Jr.22.1-9
Jeremiah's message concerning Joahaz.Jr.22.10-12
Jeremiah's message concerning Jehoiakim.Jr.22.13-19
The Fate of Jerusalem.Jr.22.20-23
God's judgement on Jehoiakim.Jr.22.24-30
Hope for the Future.Jr.23.1-8
Jeremiah's message about the prophets.Jr.23.9-32
The LORD's burden.Jr.23.33-40
Two baskets of figs.Jr.24.1-10
The enemy from the north.Jr.25.1-14
God's judgement on the nations.Jr.25.15-38
Jeremiah brought to trial.Jr.26.1-24
Jeremiah wears an ox yoke.Jr.27.1-22
Jeremiah & Hananiah the prophet.Jr.28.1-17
Jeremiah's letter to the Jews of Babylonia.Jr.29.1-23
The letter to Shemaiah.Jr.29.24-32
The Lord's Promises to His PeopleJr.30.1-24
Israel's Return Home.Jr.31.1-14
The LORD's mercy on Israel.Jr.31.15-22
The future prosperity of God's people.Jr.31.23-40
Jeremiah buys a field.Jr.32.1-15
Jeremiah's prayer.Jr.32.16-35
Another promise of hope.Jr.33.1-26
A promise of hope.Jr.32.36-44
A message for Zedekiah.Jr.34.1-7
Deceitful treatment of slaves.Jr.34.8-22
Jeremiah & the Rechabites.Jr.35.1-19
BARUCH reads the scoll in the temple.Jr.36.1-10
The scroll is read to the officials.Jr.36.11-19
The king burns the scroll.Jr.36.20-26
Jeremiah writes another scroll.Jr.36.27-32
Zedekiah's request to Jeremiah.Jr.37.1-10
Jeremiah arrested & imprisoned.Jr.37.11-21
Jeremiah in a dry well.Jr.38.1-13
Zedekiah asks Jeremiah's advice.Jr.38.14-28
The fall of Jerusalem.Jr.39.1-10
Jeremiah's release.Jr.39.11-14
Hope for Ebedmelech.Jr.39.15-18
Jeremiah stays with Gedeliah.Jr.40.1-6
GEDELIAH, Governor of the Chaldean province of Judah.Jr.40.7-122Kgs.25.22-24
Gedeliah murdered.Jr.40.13-41.182Kgs.25.25-26
The people ask Jeremiah to pray for them.Jr.42.1-6
The LORD answers Jeremiah's prayer.Jr.42.7-22
Jeremiah taken to Egypt.Jr.43.1-13
The LORD's message to the Israelites.Jr.44.1-30
God's promise to Baruch.Jr.45.1-5
Egypt defeated at Carchemish.Jr.46.1-12
The coming of Nebuchadnezzar.Jr.46.13-25
The LORD will save his people.Jr.46.25-28
The LORD's message about Philistia.Jr.47.1-7
The destruction of Moab.Jr.48.1-10
The cities of Moab destroyed.Jr.48.11-25
Moab will be humbled.Jr.48.26-39
No escape for Moab.Jr.48.40-47
The LORD's judgement on Ammon.Jr.49.1-6
Thre LORD's judgement on Edom.Jr.49.7-22
The LORD's judgement on Damascus.Jr.49.23-27
Judgement on Kedar & Hazor.Jr.49.28-33
The LORD's judgement on Elam.Jr.49.34-39
The capture of Babylon.Jr.50.1-3
Israel's return.Jr.50.4-10
The fall of Babylon.Jr.50.11-16
Israel's return.Jr.50.17-20
God's judgement on Babylon.Jr.50.21-46
Further judgement on Babylon.Jr.51.1-14
A hymn of praise.Jr.51.15-19
Babylon's punishment.Jr.51.24-35
The LORD will help Israel.Jr.51.36-40
Babylon's fate.Jr.51.41-49
God's message to the exiles in Babylon.Jr.51.50-53
Further destruction on Babylon.Jr.51.54-58
Jeremiah's message is sent to Babylon.Jr.51.59-64
The fall of Jerusalem.Jr.52.1-232Kgs.24.18-25.7
The people of Judah are taken to Babylonia.Jr.52.24-342Kgs.25.18-21 | 2Kgs.25.27-30