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2 Chronicles by Passage


CHRONICLES 2. SOLOMON king of the United kingdom. Prays for wisdom. 971/70bce (Israel)2Chr.1.1-121Kgs.3.1-15
Solomon's power & wealth.2Chr.1.13-171Kgs.10.26-29
Preparations for building the temple.2Chr.2.1-161Kgs.5.1-18
Construction of the temple begins.2Chr.2.17-3.141Kgs.6.1-38
The two bronze columns.2Chr.3.15-171Kgs.7.15-22
Equipment for the temple.2Chr.4.1-5.11Kgs.7.23-51
The Ark is brought into the temple.2Chr.5.2-101Kgs.8.1-9
The glory of the LORD.2Chr.5.11-14
Soloman's address to the people.2Chr.6.1-111Kgs.8.12-21
Solomon's prayer.2Chr.6.12-421Kgs.8.22-53
Dedication of the temple.2Chr.7.1-101Kgs.8.62-66
The LORD appears to Solomon again.2Chr.7.11-221Kgs.9.1-9
Solomon's achievements.2Chr.8.1-181Kgs.9.10-28
The Queen of Sheba.2Chr.9.1-121Kgs.10.1-13
King Solomon's wealth.2Chr.9.13-281Kgs.10.14-25
Summary of Solomon's reign.2Chr.9.29-311Kgs.11.41-43
The revolt of the northern tribes. REHOBOAM king only of Judah. 931/30bce (Judah)2Chr.10.1-191Kgs.12.1-20
Shamaiah's prophecy.2Chr.11.1-41Kgs.12.21-24
Rehoboam fortifies the cities.2Chr.11.5-12
Priests & Levites come to Judah.2Chr.11.13-17
Rehoboam's family.2Chr.11.18-23
SHISHAK's invasion of Judah. 926/25bce (Judah)2Chr.12.1-121Kgs.14.25-28
Summary of Rehoboam's reign.2Chr.12.13-16
ABIJAH king of Judah. War with JEROBOAM king of Israel. 913/12bce (Judah)2Chr.13.1-221Kgs.15.1-8
ASA king of Judah. Defeat of Zerah's invading army. 911/10bce (Judah)2Chr.14.1-15
Asa's reforms.2Chr.15.1-19
BAASHA king of Israel. Troubles between Judah and Israel. 909/08bce (Israel)2Chr.16.1-61Kgs.15.17-22
Hanani the prophet.2Chr.16.7-10
The end of Asa's reign.2Chr.16.11-141Kgs.15.23-24
JEHOSHAPHAT king of Judah. 870/69bce (Judah)2Chr.17.1-9
Jehoshaphat's greatness.2Chr.17.10-19
AHAB king of Israel. The prophet Micaiah warns Ahab. 874/73bce (Israel)2Chr.18.1-271Kgs.22.1-28
Death of Ahab.2Chr.18.28-341Kgs.22.29-35
The prophet Jehu reprimands Jehoshaphat.2Chr.19.1-3
Jehoshaphat's reforms.2Chr.19.4-11
War against Edom.2Chr.20.1-30
The end of Jehoshaphat's reign.2Chr.20.31-21.11Kgs.22.41-50
JEHORAM king of Judah. 848/47bce (Judah)2Chr.21:1-20
AHAZIAH king of Judah. 841/40bce (Judah)2Chr.22.1-92Kgs.8.25-29 | 2Kgs.9.21-28
ATHALIAH queen of Judah. 841/40bce (Judah)2Chr.22.10-122Kgs.11.1-3
Jehoiada's revolt against Athalieh.2Chr.23.1-152Kgs.11.4-16
JOASH king of Judah. Jehoiada's reforms. 835/34bce (Judah)2Chr.23.16-212Kgs.11.17-20
JOASH king of Judah. 835/34bce (Judah)2Chr.24.1-142Kgs.12.1-16
Reversal of Jehoiada's policies.2Chr.24.15-22
End of Joash's reign.2Chr.24.23-27
AMAZIAH king of Judah. 796/95bce (Judah)2Chr.25.1-162Kgs.14.7
JEHOASH king of Israel. Judah at war with Israel. 798/97bce (Israel)2Chr.25.17-282Kgs.14.8-20
UZZIAH king of Judah. 767/66bce (Judah)2Chr.26.1-152Kgs.14.21-22 | 2Kgs.15.1-7
Proud Uzziah punished.2Chr.26.16-23
JOTHAM king of Judah. 740/39bce (Judah)2Chr.27.1-92Kgs.15.32-38
AHAZ king of Judah. 732/31bce (Judah)2Chr.28.1-4
PEKAH king of Israel. Judah at war with Syria & Israel. 742/41bce (Israel)2Chr.28.5-82Kgs.16.5
The prophet Oded.2Chr.28.9-15
Ahaz asks Assyria for help.2Chr.28.16-212Kgs.16.7-9
Sins of Ahaz.2Chr.28.22-27
HEZEKIAH king of Judah. 716/15bce (Judah)2Chr.29.1-22Kgs.18.1-3
Purification of the temple.2Chr.29.4-17
Rededication of the temple.2Chr.29.18-36
Preparations for the Passover.2Chr.30.1-12
Celebration of the Passover.2Chr.30.13-22
A second celebration.2Chr.30.23-27
Hezekiah's reforms.2Chr.31.1-21
The Assyrian invasion.2Chr.32.1-232Kgs.18.13-37 | 2Kgs.19.14-37 | Is.36.1-37.38
Hezekiah's illness & pride.2Chr.32.24-262Kgs.20.1-3 | Is.38.1-3 | Is.39.1-8
Hezekiah's wealth & splendour.2Chr.32.27-31
The end of Hezekiah's reign.2Chr.32.32-332Kgs.20.20-21
MANASSEH king of Judah. 687/86bce (Judah)2Chr.33.1-92Kgs.21.1-9
Manasseh repents.2Chr.33.10-17
The end of Manasseh's reign.2Chr.33.18-202Kgs.21.17-18
AMON king of Judah. 642/41bce (Judah)2Chr.33.21-252Kgs.21.19-26
JOSIAH king of Judah. 640/39bce (Judah)2Chr.43.1-22Kgs.22.1-2
Pagan places of worship destroyed.2Chr.34.3-7
Descovery of the Book of the Law.2Chr.34.8-282Kgs.22.3-20
Josiah's covenant with the LORD.2Chr.34.29-332Kgs.23.1-10
Josiah celebrated the Passover.2Chr.35.1-192Kgs.23.21-23
The end of Josiah's reign.2Chr.35.20-272Kgs.23.28-30
JOAHAZ king of Judah. 609bce (Judah)2Chr.36.1-42Kgs.23.30-35
JEHOIAKIM king of Judah. 609bce (Judah)2Chr.36.5-82Kgs.23.36-24.7
JEHOIACHIN king of Judah. 597bce (Judah)2Chr.36.9-102Kgs.24.8-17
ZEDEKIAH king of Judah. 597bce (Judah)2Chr.36.11-122Kgs.24.18-20 | Jr.52.1-3
The fall of Jerusalem. 587bce (Jerusalem)2Chr.36.13-212Kgs.25.1-21 | Jr.52.3-11
Edict of Cyrus. The return. 539bce (Babylon)2Chr.36.22-23