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2 Kings by Passage


2 KINGS. Death of Ahaziah. JORAM king of Israel.2Kgs.1.1-18
Elijah & the prophet ELISHA.2Kgs.2.1-18
Miracles of Elisha.2Kgs.2.19-25
JORAM (Jehoram) - war between Israel & Mesha, king of Moab. 852/51bce (Israel)2Kgs.3.1-27
Elisha & the poor widow.2Kgs.4.1-7
Elisha & the rich woman from Shunem.2Kgs.4.8-37
Elisha - a lesson for the prophets.2Kgs.4.38-41
Elisha and the barley loaves.2Kgs.4.42-44
Elisha & the cure of Naaman.2Kgs.5.1-27
Elisha & the axe-head.2Kgs.6.1-7
The defeat of the Syrian army.2Kgs.6.8-23
King Benhadad besieges Samaria.2Kgs.6.24-7.2
The Syrian army abandons the siege of Samaria.2Kgs.7.3-20
The return of the woman of Shunem.2Kgs.8.1-6
Murder of Benhadad. HAZAEL king of Syria.2Kgs.8.7-15
JEHORAM king of Judah. 848/47bce (Judah)2Kgs.8.16-242Chr.21.1-20
AHAZIAH king of Judah. 841/40bce (Judah)2Kgs.8.25-29
JEHU anointed king of Israel. 841/40bce (Israel)2Kgs.9.1-13
JEHU kills JORAM, king of Israel, & AHAZIAH, king of Judah.2Kgs.9.14-29
Death of AHAZIAH king of Judah.2Kgs.9.25-29
Murder of Jezebel.2Kgs.9.30-37
Murder of Ahab's descendants.2Kgs.10.1-11
Murder of Ahaziah's & Ahab's relatives.2Kgs.10.12-17
Killing of the prophets of Baal.2Kgs.10.18-31
Death of Jehu.2Kgs.10.32-36
ATHALIAH queen of Judah. 841/40bce (Judah)2Kgs.11.1-162Chr.22.10-23.15
Jehoiada's reforms.2Kgs.11.17-212Chr.23.16-21
JOASH king of Judah. 835/34bce (Judah)2Kgs.12.1-212Chr.24.1-16
JEHOAHAZ king of Israel. 814/13bce (Israel)2Kgs.13.1-9
JEHOASH king of Israel. 798/97bce (Israel)2Kgs.13.10-13
Death of the prophet Elisha.2Kgs.13.14-21
Israel's gains in the war with Syria.2Kgs.13.22-25
AMAZIAH king of Judah. 796/95bce (Judah)2Kgs.14.1-162Chr.25.1-24
Death of Amaziah.2Kgs.14.17-222Chr.25.25-28
JEROBOAM (2) king of Israel. 782/81bce (Israel)2Kgs.14.23-29
UZZIAH/AZARIAH king of Judah. 767/66bce (Judah)2Kgs.15.1-7
ZECHARIAH king of Israel. 753/52bce (Israel)2Kgs.15.8-12
SHALLUM king of Israel. 752/51bce (Israel)2Kgs.15.13-16
MENAHEM king of Israel. 752/51bce (Israel)2Kgs.15.17-22
PEKAHIAH king of Israel. 742/41bce (Israel)2Kgs.15.23-26
PEKAH king of Israel. 740/39bce (Israel)2Kgs.15.27-31
JOTHAM king of Judah. 740/39bce (Judah)2Kgs.15.32-382Chr.27.1-9
AHAZ king of Judah. 732/31bce (Judah)2Kgs.16.1-202Chr.28.1-27
HOSHEA king of Israel. 732/31bce (Israel)2Kgs.17.1-4
SHALMANEZER - Assyria. The Fall of Samaria. Deportation. 722bce (Samaria, Israel)2Kgs.17.5-23
Israel a province of the Assyrian Empire.2Kgs.17.24-41
HEZEKIAH king of Judah. 716/15bce (Judah)2Kgs.18.1-122Chr.29.1-2 | 2Chr.29.31.1
The Assyrians threaten Jerusalem.2Kgs.18.13-362Chr.32.1-19 | Is.36.1-22
Hezekiah seeks advice from the prophet Isaiah.2Kgs.19.1-7Is.37.1-7
The Assyrians send a further threat.2Kgs.19.8-19Is.37.8-20
Isaiah's message to king Hezekiah.2Kgs.19.20-37
Hezekiah's illness & recovery.2Kgs.20.1-192Chr.32.24-26 | Is.38.1-8 | Is.38.21-22
Hezekiah - conclusion of his reign.2Kgs.20.20-212Chr.32.32-33
MANASSEH king of Judah. 687/86bce (Judah)2Kgs.21.1-182Chr.33.1-20
AMON king of Judah. 642/41bce (Judah)2Kgs.21.19-262Chr.33.21-25
JOSIAH king of Judah. 640/39bce (Judah)2Kgs.22.1-22Chr.34.1-2
Discovery of the book of the Law.2Kgs.22.3-202Chr.34.8-28
Josiah's reforms.2Kgs.23.1-202Chr.34.3-7 | 2Chr.34.29-33
Josiah celebrates the passover.2Kgs.23.21-232Chr.35.1-19
Josiah's other reforms.2Kgs.23.24-27
The end of Josiah's reign.2Kgs.23.28-302Chr.35.20-36-1
JOAHAZ king of Judah. 609/08bce (Judah)2Kgs.23.31-342Chr.36.2-4
JEHOIAKIM king of Judah. 609/08bce (Judah)2Kgs.23.34-24.72Chr.36.5-8
End of the reign of JEHOIAKIM.
JEHOIACHIN king of Judah. 597/96bce (Judah)2Kgs.24.8-172Chr.36.9-10
ZEDEKIAH King of Judah.2Kgs.24.18-202Chr.36.11-12 | Jr.52.1-3
The fall of Jerusalem. 597/96bce (Judah)2Kgs.25.1-72Chr.36.13-21 | Jr.52.3-11
Destruction of the first temple. 587bce (1st Temple, Jerusalem)2Kgs.25.8-17Jr.52.12-23
Deportation of the people of Judah.2Kgs.25.18-21Jr.52.24-27
GEDALIAH Governor of the Chaldean Province of Judah. 586bce (Judah)2Kgs.25.22-26Jr.40.7-9 | Jr.41.1-3
Jehoiachin released from prison.2Kgs.25.27-30Jr.52.31-34