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Joshua by Passage


JOSHUA. Yahweh commissions Joshua.Jos.1.1-9
Fidelity of the Transjordanic tribes.Jos.1.10-18
Spies are sent to Jericho.Jos.2.1-24
Crossing the Jordan.Jos.3.1-5.1
The Israelites are circumcised and keep the Passover.Jos.5.2-12
The commander of the Army.Joshua.5.13-15
The fall of Jericho and the sin of Achan.Jos.6.1-7.1
Israel defeated at Ai - the execution of Achan.Jos.7.2-26
The fall of Ai.Jos.8.1-29
The Law is read on Mount Ebal.Jos.8.30-35
The stratagem of the Gibeonites.Jos.9.1-27
The battle of Gibeon and conquest of southern Palestine.Jos.10.1-43
The conquest of northern Palestine.Jos.11.1-15
The completion of the conquest.Jos.11.16-23
A list of defeated kings.Jos.12.1-24
The partition of the land among the tribes.Jos.13.1-19.51
The cities of refuge.Jos.20.1-9
The Levite cities.Jos.21.1-45
The transjordanic tribes return and set up a memorial altar.Jos.22.1-34
Joshua's farewell address.Jos.23.1-24.28
The death of Joshua.Jos.24.29-33