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Zechariah by Passage


ZECHARIAH. PART 1 (Zch.1-8. 520-518bce). The LORD calls his people to repentance.Zch.1.1-6
The vision of the horses.Zch.1.7-17
The vision of the horns.Zch.1.18-21
The vision of the measuring-line.Zch.2.1-5
The exiles are called to return.Zch.2.6-13
The vision of the High-priest.Zch.3.1-10
The vision of the lamp-stand.Zch.4.1-14
The vision of the scroll.Zch.5.1-4
The vision of the basket.Zch.5.5-11
The vision of the chariots.Zch.6.1-8
The command to crown Joshua.Zch.6.9-15
the LORD condemns insincere fasting.Zch.7.1-7
The cause of the Exile.Zch.7.8-14
The LORD promises to restore Jerusalem.Zch.8.1-23
PART 2 -(Zch.9-14). Judgement on neighbouring nations.Zch.9.1-10
The restoration of God's people.Zch.9.11-17
The LORD promises deliverance.Zch.10.1-12
The fall of tyrants.Zch.11.1-3
The two shepherds.Zch.11.4-17
The future deliverance of Jerusalem.Zch.12.1-13.6
The command to kill God's shepherd.Zch.13.6-9
Jerusalem & the nations.Zch.14.1-21

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