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Revelation | Bible by Passage Heading (Hebrew OT)
Revelation by Passage Psg Reference
Introduction and SalutationRe.1.1-8
- Behold, he is coming with the cloudsRe.1.7 Dn.7.13 | Zch.12.10
A Vision of ChristRe.1.9-20
- one like a son of manRe.1.13 Dn.7.3 | Eze.9.2 | Dn.10.5
- his head and his hair were whiteRe.1.14 Dn.7.9 | Dn.10.6
The Message to EphesusRe.2.1-7
The Message to SmyrnaRe.2.8-11
The Message to PergamumRe.2.12-17
The Message to ThyatiraRe.2.18-29
- He who conquers and who keeps my worksRe.2.26 Ps.2.8-9 | PsSol.17.23
The Message to SardisRe.3.1-6
The Message to PhiladelphiaRe.3.7-13
The Message to LaodiceaRe.3.14-22
The Heavenly WorshipRe.4.1-11
- the first living creature like a lionRe.4.7 Eze.1.5-10 | Eze.10.14
- And the four living creaturesRe.4.8 Is.6.2-3 | Am.3.13 | Am.4.13
The Scroll and the LambRe.5.1-14
The SealsRe.6.1-17
- Fall on us and hide usRe.6.16 Hs.10.8
The 144,000 of Israel SealedRe.7.1-8
The Multitude from Every NationRe.7.9-17
- They shall hunger no moreRe.7.16 Is.49.10
- and he will guide them to springsRe.7.17 Ps.23.1 | Eze.34.23
The Seventh Seal and the Golden CenserRe.8.1-5
The TrumpetsRe.8.6-9.21
- The rest of mankind did not repentRe.9.20 Dt.32.17 | Ps.115.4
The Angel and the Little ScrollRe.10.1-11
- And the angel whom I sawRe.10.5 Dt.32.40 | Dn.12.7
The Two WitnessesRe.11.1-14
The Seventh SealRe.11.15-19
The Woman and the DragonRe.12.1-18
- she brought forth a male childRe.12.5 Is.7.14 | Is.66.7 | Ps.2.9
The Two BeastsRe.13.1-318
- if any one slays with the sword Here is a call for the enduranceRe.13.10 Jr.15.2 | Jr.43.11
The Song of the 144,000Re.14.1-5
The Messages of the Three AngelsRe.14.6-13
The Harvest of the EarthRe.14.14-20
The Angels with the Last PlaguesRe.15.1-8
The Bowls of God's WrathRe.16.1-21
The Great Harlot and the BeastRe.17.1-18
The Fall of BabylonRe.18.1-19.4
The Marriage Supper of the LambRe.19.5-10
The Rider and the White HorseRe.19.11-21
- he will tread the wine pressRe.19.15 Ps.2.9
The Thousand YearsRe.20.1-6
The Defeat of SatanRe.20.7-10
The Judgment at the Great White ThroneRe.20.11-15
The New Heaven and the New EarthRe.21.1-8
- and they shall be his peopleRe.21.3 Lv.26.11-12 | 2Chr.6.18 | Eze.37.27
- for the former things have passed away.Re.21.4 Is.25.8
- I will be his God and he shall be my son.Re.21.7 2Sm.7.14
The New JerusalemRe.21.9-22.5
- It had a great, high wall, with twelve gatesRe.21.12 Ex.28.21 | Eze.48.30
- the tree of lifeRe.22.2 Gn.2.9 | Gn.3.22 | Eze.47.12
The Coming of ChristRe.22.6-21

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