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Ephesians | Bible by Passage Heading (Hebrew OT)
Ephesians by Passage Psg Reference
Spiritual Blessings in ChristEph.1.3-14
Paul's PrayerEph.1.15-23
- and he has put all things under his feetEph.1.22 Ps.8.6
From Death to LifeEph.2.1-10
One in ChristEph.2.11-22
- And he came and preached peace to you who were farEph.2.17 Is.57.19 | Is.52.7 | Zch.9.10
Paul's Ministry to the GentilesEph.3.1-13
To Know the Love of ChristEph.3.14-21
The Unity of the BodyEph.4.1-16
- When he ascended on high he led a host of captivesEph.4.8 Ps.68.18
The Old Life and the NewEph.4.17-24
Rules for the New LifeEph.4.25-5.5
Walk as Children of LightEph.5.6-21
Wives and HusbandsEph.5.22-33
- a man shall leave his father and motherEph.5.31 Gn.2.24
Children and ParentsEph.6.1-60.4
- Honor your father and motherEph.6.2 Ex.20.12 | Dt.15.16
Slaves and MastersEph.6.5-9
The Battle against EvilEph.6.10-20
- the breastplate of righteousnessEph.6.14 Is.11.5
- having shod your feetEph.6.15 Is.52.7 | Na.1.15
- And take the helmet of salvationEph.6.17 Is.59.17
Final GreetingsEph.6.21-24

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