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1 Corinthians | Bible by Passage Heading (Hebrew OT)
1 Corinthians by Passage Psg Reference
Greeting and Thanksgiving1Cor.1.1-9
Divisions in the Church1Cor.1.10-17
Christ the Power and Wisdom of God1Cor.1.18-31
- I will destroy the wisdom of the wise1Cor.1.19 Is.29.14
- Let him who boasts, boast of the Lord.1Cor.1.31 Jr.9.24
Proclaiming Christ Crucified1Cor.2.1-5
The Revelation by God's Spirit1Cor.2.6-16
- What no eye has seen, nor ear heard1Cor.2.9 Is.64.4 | Ps.52.15
- For who has known the mind of the Lord1Cor.2.16 Is.40.13
Fellow Workmen for God1Cor.3.1-23
- He catches the wise in their craftiness1Cor.3.19 Jb.5.13
- The Lord knows that the thoughts of the wise are futile1Cor.3.20 Ps.94.11
The Ministry of the Apostles1Cor.4.1-21
Judgment against Immorality1Cor.5.1-13
- Drive out the wicked person from among you1Cor.5.13 Dt.17.7 | Dt.19.19 | Dt.22.21
Going to Law before Unbelievers1Cor.6.1-11
Glorify God in Your Body1Cor.6.12-20
- The two shall become one flesh1Cor.6.16 Gn.2.24
Problems concerning Marriage1Cor.7.1-16
The Life Which the Lord Has Assigned1Cor.7.17-24
The Unmarried and Widows1Cor.7.25-40
Food Offered to Idols1Cor.8.1-13
The Rights of an Apostle1Cor.9.1-27
- You shall not muzzle an ox1Cor.9.9 Dt.25.4
Warning against Idolatry1Cor.10.1-22
- The people sat down to eat and drink1Cor.10.7 Ex.32.6
Do All to the Glory of God1Cor.10.23-11.1
- the earth is the Lord's, and everything in it.1Cor.10.26 Ps.24.1 | Ps.50.12 | Ps.89.11
The Covering of Women's Heads1Cor.11.2-16
Abuses at the Lord's Supper1Cor.11.17-22
Partaking of the Supper Unworthily1Cor.11.27-34
Spitritual Gifts1Cor.12.1-11
One Body with Many Members1Cor.12.12-31
Tongues and Prophecy1Cor.14.1-25
- By men of strange tongues1Cor.14.21 Is.28.11-12 | Dt.28.49
All Things to be Done in Order1Cor.14.26-40
The Resurrection of Christ1Cor.15.1-11
The Resurrection of the Dead1Cor.15.12-34
- For God has put all things in subjection1Cor.15.27 Ps.8.6
- If the dead are not raised1Cor.15.32 Is.22.13 | Is.56.12
The Resurrection Body1Cor.15.35-58
- The first man Adam became a living being1Cor.15.45 Gn.1.7
- Death is swallowed up in victory1Cor.15.54 Is.25.8
- O death, where is thy victory?1Cor.15.55 Hs.13.14
The Contribution for the Saints1Cor.16.1-4
Plans for Travel1Cor.16.5-12
Final Request and Greetings1Cor.16.13-24

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