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Acts by Passage Psg Reference
The Promise of the Holy SpiritAc.1.1-5
The Ascension of JesusAc.1.6-11
The Choice of Judas' SuccessorAc.1.12-26
- Let his habitation become desolate...and 'His office let another take.'Ac.1.20 Ps.69.25 | Ps.109.8
The Coming of the Holy SpiritAc.2.1-13
Peter's Speech at PentecostAc.2.14-3.10
- I will pour out my Spirit upon all fleshAc.2.17-21 Jl.2.28-32
- I saw the Lord always before meAc.2.25-28 Ps.16.8-11
- till I make thy enemies a stool for thy feetAc.2.34-35 Ps.110.1
The lame man healed at the gate of the TempleActs 3:1-10
Peter's Speech in Solomon's PorticoAc.3.11-26
- The God of Abraham and of Isaac and of Jacob, the God of our fathers, glorified his servant Jesus,Ac.3.13 Ex.3.6 | Is.52.13 | Is.53.11
- 'The Lord God will raise up for you a prophetAc.3.22 Dt.18.15-19
- And it shall be that every soul that does not listenAc.3.23 Lv.23.29
- the covenant which God gave to your fathersAc.3.25 Gn.12.3 | Gn.22.18
Peter and John before the CouncilAc.4.1-22
- the stone which was rejected by you buildersAc.4.11 Ps.118.22
The Believers Pray for BoldnessAc.4.23-31
- Sovereign Lord, who didst make the heaven and the earth and the sea and everything in them,Ac.4.24 Ex.20.11 | Ps.146.6 | Is.37.16
- Why did the Gentiles rageAc.4.25-26 Ps.2.1-2
All Things in CommonAc.4.32-37
Ananias and SapphiraAc.5.1-11
Many Signs and Wonders PerformedAc.5.12-16
Persecution of the ApostlesAc.5.17-42
The Appointment of the SevenAc.6.1-7
The Arrest of StephenAc.6.8-15
Stephen's SpeechAc.7.1-53
- Depart from your land and from your kindredAc.7.3 Gn.12.1 | Gn.48.4
-Ac.7.5 Dt.2.5
- his posterity would be aliens in a land belonging to othersAc.7.6 Gn.15.13-14 | Ex.3.12 | Ex.12.40
- and rescued him out of all his afflictionsAc.7.10 Gn.41.37-39 | Gn.41.40 | Ps.105.21
- Now there came a famine throughout all Egypt and CanaanAc.7.11 Gn.41.54 | Gn.42.5
- Who made you a ruler and a judge over us?Ac.7.27 Lk.12.14
- in a flame of fire in a bush.Ac.7.30 Ex.3.2 | Dt.33.16
- I am the God of your fathersAc.7.32 Ex.3.6
- where you are standing is holy ground.Ac.7.33 Ex.3.5
- I have surely seen the ill-treatment of my peopleAc.7.34 Ex.3.7-10 | Ex.2.24
- that appeared to him in the bush.Ac.7.35 Ex.2.14
- God will raise up for you a prophet from your brethrenAc.7.37 Dt.18.15
- Make for us gods to go before usAc.7.40 Ex.32.1 | Ex.32.23
- Did you offer to me slain beasts and sacrificesAc.7.42 Am.5.25-27
- And you took up the tent of MolochAc.7.43 Ex.27.21 | Ex.25.40
- Heaven is my throne, and earth my footstoolAc.7.49 Is.66.1-2
The Stoning of StephenAc.7.54-8.1
Saul Persecutes the ChurchAc.8.1-3
The Gospel Preached in SamariaAc.8.4-25
Philip and the Ethiopian EunuchAc.8.26-40
- As a sheep led to the slaughterAc.8.32-33 Is.53.7-8
The Conversion of SaulAc.9.1-19 Ac.26.12-18
Saul Preaches at DamascusAc.9.19-22
Saul Escapes from the JewsAc.9.23-25
Saul at JerusalemAc.9.26-31
The Healing of AeneasAc.9.32-35
Dorcas Restored to LifeAc.9.36-43
Peter and CorneliusAc.10.1-33
Peter Speaks in Cornelius' HouseAc.10.34-43
Gentiles Receive the Holy SpiritAc.10.44-48
Peter's Report to the Church at JerusalemAc.11.1-18
The Church at AntiochAc.11.19-30
James Killed and Peter ImprisonedAc.12.1-19
The Death of HerodAc.12.20-24
Barnabas and Saul CommissionedAc.13.1-3
The Apostles Preach in CyprusAc.13.4-12
Paul and Barnabas at Antioch of PisidiaAc.13.13-52
- 'I have found in David the son of Jesse a man after my heart who will do all my will.'Ac.13.22 Ps.89.20 | 1Sm.13.14
- Thou art my SonAc.13.33 Ps.2.7
- I will give you the holy and sure blessings of David.Ac.13.34 Is.55.3
- 'Thou wilt not let thy Holy One see corruption.Ac.13.35 Ps.16.10
- 'Behold, you scoffers, and wonder, and perishAc.13.41 Hab.1.5
- I have set you to be a light for the GentilesAc.13.47 Is.49.6
Paul and Barnabas at IconiumAc.14.1-7
Paul and Barnabas at LystraAc.14.8-20
- who made the heavenAc.14.15 Ex.20.11 | Ps.146.6
The Return to Antioch in SyriaAc.14.21-28
The Council at JerusalemAc.15.1-21
- I will rebuild its ruinsAc.15.16-17 Am.9.11-12
The Reply of the CouncilAc.15.22-35
Paul and Barnabas SeparateAc.15.36-41
Timothy Accompanies Paul and SilasAc.16.1-5
Paul's Vision of the Man of MacedoniaAc.16.6-10
The Conversion of LydiaAc.16.11-15
The Imprisonment at PhilippiAc.16.16-40
The Uproar in ThessalonicaAc.17.1-9
The Apostles at BeraeaAc.17.10-15
Paul at AthensAc.17.16-34
Paul at CorinthAc.18.1-17
Paul's Return to AntiochAc.18.18-23
Apollos Preaches at EphesusAc.18.24-28
Paul at EphesusAc.19.1-10
The Sons of ScevaAc.19.11-20
The Riot at EphesusAc.19.21-40
Paul's Journey to Macedonia and GreeceAc.20.1-6
Paul's Farewell Visit to TroasAc.20.7-12
The Voyage from Troas to MiletusAc.20.13-16
Paul Speaks to the Ephesian EldersAc.20.17-38
Paul's Journey to JerusalemAc.21.1-16
Paul Visits JamesAc.21.17-26
Paul Arrested in the TempleAc.21.27-36
Paul Defends HimselfAc.21.37-22.5
Paul Sent to the GentilesAc.22.17-21
Paul and the Roman TribuneAc.22.22-29
Paul before the CouncilAc.22.30-23.11
- You shall not speak evil of a ruler of your peopleAc.23.5 Ex.22.28
The Plot against Paul's LifeAc.23.12-22
Paul Sent to Felix the GovernorAc.23.23-35
The Case against PaulAc.24.1-9
Paul Defends Himself before FelixAc.24.10-23
Paul Held in CustodyAc.24.24-27
Paul Appeals to CaesarAc.25.1-12
Paul Brought before Agrippa and BerniceAc.25.13-27
Paul Defends Himself before AgrippaAc.26.1-11
Paul Tells of His conversionAc.26.12-18 Ac.9.1-19
Paul's Testimony to Jews and GentilesAc.26.19-23
Paul Appeals to Agrippa to BelieveAc.26.24-32
Paul Sails for RomeAc.27.1-12
The Storm at SeaAc.27.13-38
The ShipwreckAc.27.39-44
Paul on the Island of MaltaAc.28.1-10
Paul Arrives at RomeAc.28.11-16
Paul Preaches in RomeAc.28.17-31
- You shall indeed hear but never understandAc.28.26-28 Is.6.9-10

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