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Matthew | Bible by Passage Heading (Hebrew OT)
Matthew by Passage Psg Reference
The Genealogy of Jesus ChristMt.1.1-17 Lk.3.23-38
The Birth of Jesus ChristMt.1.18-25 Lk.2.1-7
- Behold, a virgin shall conceiveMt.1.23 Is.7.14 | Is.8.8
The Visit of the Wise MenMt.2.1-12
- And you, O BethlehemMt.2.6 Mic.5.2
The Flight to EgyptMt.2.13-15
- Out of Egypt have I called my sonMt.2.15 Hs.11.1
The Slaying of the InfantsMt.2.16-18
- A voice was heard in RamahMt.2.18 Jr.31.15
The Return from EgyptMt.2.19-23
The Preaching of John the BaptistMt.3.1-12 Mk.1.1-8 | Lk.3.1-9 | Jn.1.19-28
- The voice of one crying in the wildernessMt.3.3 Is.40.3
The Baptism of JesusMt.3.13-17 Mk.1.9-11 | Lk.3.21-22
The Temptation of JesusMt.4.1-11 Mk.1.12-13 | Lk.4.1-13
- Man shall not live by bread aloneMt.4.4 Dt.8.3
- He will give his angels charge of youMt.4.6 Ps.91.11-12
- You shall not tempt the Lord your GodMt.4.7 Dt.6.16
- You shall worship the Lord your GodMt.4.10 Dt.6.13
The Beginning of the Galilean MinistryMt.4.12-17 Mk.1.14-15 | Lk.4.14-15
- The land of Zeb'ulun.Mt.4.15-16 Is.9.1-2 | Is.42.7
The Calling of Four FishermenMt.4.18-22 Mk.1.16-20 | Lk.5.1-11
Ministering to a Great MultitudeMt.4.23-25 Lk.6.17-19
The Sermon on the MountMt.5.1-7.29
The BeatitudesMt.5.3-11 Lk.6.20-23
Salt and LightMt.5.13-16 Mk.9.50 | Lk.14.34-35
Teaching about the LawMt.5.17-20
Teaching about AngerMt.5.21-26
Teaching about AdulteryMt.5.27-30
Teaching about DivorceMt.5.31-32 Mt.19.9 | Mk.10.11-11.12 | Lk.16.18
Teaching about OathsMt.5.33-37 Lv.19.12 | Nu.30.2 | Dt.23.21
- But I say to you, Do not swear at all, either by heaven, for it is the throne of God,Mt.5.34 Is.66.1
Teaching about RetaliationMt.5.38-42 Lk.6.29-30
Love for EnemiesMt.5.43-48 Lk.6.27-28 | Lk.6.32-36
Teaching about AlmsgivingMt.6.1-4
Teaching about PrayerMt.6.5-15 Lk.11.2-4
Teaching about FastingMt.6.16-18
Treasure in HeavenMt.6.19-21 Lk.12.33-34
The Light of the BodyMt.6.22-23 Lk.11.34-36
God and MammonMt.6.24 Lk.16.13
Care and AnxietyMt.6.25-34 Lk.12.22-34
Judging OthersMt.7.1-6 Lk.6.37-38 | Lk.6.41-42
Ask, Seek, KnockMt.7.7-12 Lk.11.9-13
The Narrow GateMt.7.13-14 Lk.13.24
A Tree Known by Its FruitMt.7.15-20 Lk.6.43-44
I Never Knew YouMt.7.21-23 Lk.13.25-27
The Two FoundationsMt.7.24-29 Lk.6.47-49
The Cleansing of a LeperMt.8.1-4 Mk.1.40-45 | Lk.5.12-16
The Healing of a Centurion's ServantMt.8.5-13 Lk.7.1-10 | Jn.4.43-54
The Healing of Many PeopleMt.8.14-17 Mk.1.29-34 | Lk.4.38-41
- He took our infirmitiesMt.8.17 Is.53.4
The Would-be Followers of JesusMt.8.18-12 Lk.9.57-62
The Calming of a StormMt.8.23-27 Mk.4.35-41 | Lk.8.22-25
The Healing of the Gadarene DemoniacsMt.8.28-34 Mk.5.1-20 | Lk.8.26-39
The Healing of a ParalyticMt.9.1-8 Mk.2.1-12 | Lk.5.17-26
The Calling of MatthewMt.9.9-13 Mk.2.13-17 | Lk.5.27-32
- I desire mercy, and not sacrificeMt.9.13 Hs.6.6
The Question about FastingMt.9.14-17 Mk.2.18-22 | Lk.5.33-39
The Ruler's Daughter and the Woman who Touched Jesus' GarmentMt.9.18-26 Mk.5.21-43 | Lk.8.40-56
The Healing of Two Blind MenMt.9.27-31
The Healing of a Dumb ManMt.9.32-34
The Compassion of JesusMt.9.35-37
The Mission of the TwelveMt.10.1-4 Mk.3.13-19 | Lk.6.12-16
The Commissioning of the TwelveMt.10.5-15 Mk.6.7-13 | Lk.9.1-6
Coming PersecutionsMt.10.16-25 Mk.13.9-13 | Lk.21.12-17
Whom to FearMt.10.26-31 Lk.12.2-7
Confessing Christ before MenMt.10.32-33 Lk.12.8-9
Not Peace, but a SwordMt.10.34-39 Lk.12.51-53 | Lk.14.26-27
- and a man's foes will be those of his own household.Mt.10.36 Mic.7.6
RewardsMt.10.40-42 Mk.9.41
The Messengers from John the BaptistMt.11.2-19 Lk.7.18-35
- the blind receive their sightMt.11.5 Is.35.5-6 | Is.42.18 | Is.61.1
- I send my messenger before thy faceMt.11.10 Mal.3.1
Woes to Unrepentent CitiesMt.11.20-24 Lk.10.13-15
- if the mighty works ... had been done in SodomMt.11.23 Jn.3.7-8 | Is.14.13-15
Come to Me and RestMt.11.25-30 Lk.10.21-22
Plucking Grain on the SabbathMt.12.1-8 Mk.2.23-28 | Lk.6.1-5
- I desire mercy, and not sacrificeMt.12.7 Hs.6.6
The Man with a Withered HandMt.12.9-14 Mk.3.1-6 | Lk.6.6-11
The Chosen ServantMt.12.15-21
- Behold, my servant whom I have chosenMt.12.18-21 Is.42.1-4
Jesus and BeelzebulMt.12.22-32 Mk.3.20-30 | Lk.11.14-23 | Lk.12.10
A Tree and Its FruitsMt.12.33-37 Mk.8.11-12 | Lk.11.29-32
- Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the whaleMt.12.40 Jn.1.17
The Return of the Unclean SpiritMt.12.43-45 Lk.11.24-26
The Mother and Brothers of JesusMt.12.46-50 Mk.3.31-35 | Lk.8.19-21
The Parable of the SowerMt.13.1-9 Mk.4.1-9 | Lk.8.4-8
The Purpose of the ParablesMt.13.10-17 Mk.4.10-12 | Lk.8.9-10
- You shall indeed hear but never understandMt.13.14-15 Is.6.9-10 | Ez.12.2
The Parable of the Sower ExplainedMt.13.18-23 Mk.4.13-20 | Lk.8.11-13
The Parable of the Weeds among the WheatMt.13.24-30
The Parables of the Mustard Seed and the LeavenMt.13.31-33 Mk.4.31-32 | Lk.13.18-21
The Use of the ParablesMt.13.34-35 Mk.4.33-34
- I will open my mouth in parablesMt.13.35 Ps.78.2
The Parable of the Weeds ExplainedMt.13.36-43
Three ParablesMt.13.44-50
Treasure Old and NewMt.13.51-52
The Rejection of Jesus at NazarethMt.13.53-58 Mk.6.1-6 | Lk.4.16-30
The Death of John the BaptistMt.14.1-12 Mk.6.14-29 | Lk.9.7-9
The Feeding of the Five ThousandMt.14.13-21 Mk.6.30-44 | Lk.9.10-17 | Jn.6.1-14
Walking on the WaterMt.14.22-33 Mk.6.45-52 | Jn.6.15-21
The Healing of the Sick in GennesaretMt.14.34-36 Mk.6.53-56
The Tradition of the EldersMt.15.1-20 Mk.7.1-23
- Honour your father and your motherMt.15.4 Ex.20.12 | Dt.5.16 | Ex.21.17
- This people honours me with their lipsMt.15.8-9 Is.29.13
The Canaanite Woman's FaithMt.15.21-28 Mk.7.24-30
The Healing of Many PeopleMt.15.29-31
The Feeding of the Four ThousandMt.15.32-39 Mk.8.1-10
The Demand for a SignMt.16.1-4 Mk.8.11-13 | Lk.12.54-56
The Leaven of the Pharisees and SadduceesMt.16.5-12 Mk.8.14-21
Peter's Declaration about JesusMt.16.13-20 Mk.8.27-30 | Lk.9.18-21
Jesus Foretells His Death and ResurrectionMt.16.21-28 Mk.8.31-9.1 | Lk.9.22-27
The Transfiguration of JesusMt.17.1-13 Mk.9.2-13 | Lk.9.28-36
The Healing of a Boy with a DemonMt.17.14-21 Mk.9.14-29 | Lk.9.37-43
Jesus again Foretells his Death and ResurrectionMt.17.22-23 Mk.9.30-32 | Lk.9.43-45
Payment of the Temple TaxMt.17.24-27
The Greatest in the KingdomMt.18.1-5 Mk.9.33-37 | Lk.9.46-48
Temptations to SinMt.18.6-9 Mk.9.42-48 | Lk.17.1-2
The Parable of the Lost SheepMt.18.10-14 Lk.15.3-7
A Brother who SinsMt.18.15-20 Lk.17.3
- confirmed by the evidence of two or three witnessesMt.18.16 Dt.19.15
The Parable of the Unforgiving ServantMt.18.21-35
Teaching about DivorceMt.19.1-12 Mk.10.1-12
- he made them male and femaleMt.19.4 Gn.1.27 | Gn.5.2
- and the two shall become one fleshMt.19.5 Gn.2.24
- a certificate of divorceMt.19.7 Dt.24.1
Little Children BlessedMt.19.13-15 Mk.10.13-16 | Lk.18.15-17
The Rich Young ManMt.19.16-30 Mk.10.17-31 | Lk.18.18-30
- You shall not killMt.19.18 Ex.20.12-16 | Dt.5.16
- Honour your father and motherMt.19.19 Lv.19.18
The Workers in the VineyardMt.20.1-16
A Third Time Jesus foretells His Death and ResurrectionMt.20.17-19 Mk.10.32-34 | Lk.18.31-34
The Request of James and JohnMt.20.20-28 Mk.10.35-45
The Healing of Two Blind MenMt.20.29-34 Mk.10.46-52 | Lk.18.35-43
The Triumphal Entry into JerusalemMt.21.1-11 Mk.11.1-11 | Lk.19.28-38 | Jn.12.12-19
- Tell the daughter of ZionMt.21.5 Is.62.11 | Zch.9.9
- Hosanna to the Son of DavidMt.21.9 Ps.118.26
The Cleansing of the Temple.Mt.21.12-17 Mk.11.15-19 | Lk.19.45-48 | Jn.2.13-22
- My house shall be called a house of prayerMt.21.13 Is.56.7 | Is.60.7 | Jr.7.11
- Out of the mouth of babes and sucklingsMt.21.16 Ps.8.2
The Cursing of the Fig TreeMt.21.18-22 Mk.11.12-14 | Mk.11.20-24
The Authority of Jesus QuestionedMt.21.23-27 Mk.11.27-33 | Lk.20.1-8
The Parable of the Two SonsMt.21.28-32
The Parable of the Vineyard and the TenantsMt.21.33-46 Mk.12.1-12 | Lk.20.9-19
- the kingdom of God ... given to a nation producing the fruitsMt.21.43 Ps.118.22-23
The Parable of the Marriage FeastMt.22.1-14 Lk.14.15-24
Paying Taxes to CaesarMt.22.15-22 Mk.12.13-17 | Lk.20.20-26
The Question about the ResurrectionMt.22.23-33 Mk.12.18-27 | Lk.20.27-40
- 'If a man dies, having no childrenMt.22.24 Dt.25.5
- 'I am the God of Abraham, and the God of JacobMt.22.32 Ex.3.6 | Ex.3.15
The Great CommandmentMt.22.34-40 Mk.12.28-34 | Lk.10.25-28
- You shall love the Lord your God with all your heartMt.22.37 Dt.6.5 | Jos.22.5
- You shall love your neighbour as yourself.Mt.22.39 Lv.19.18
The Question about David's SonMt.22.41-46 Mk.12.35-37 | Lk.20.41-44
- The Lord said to my LordMt.22.44 Ps.110.1
The Denouncing of the Scribes and PhariseesMt.23.1-36 Mk.12.38-40 | Lk.11.37-52 | Lk.20.45-47
The Lament over JerusalemMt.23.37-39 Lk.13.34-35
- Behold, your house is forsaken and desolate.Mt.23.38 1Kgs.9.7-8 | Jr.22.5
- Blessed is he who comes in the name of the LordMt.23.39 Ps.118.26
The Destruction of the Temple ForetoldMt.24.1-2 Mk.13.1-2 | Lk.21.5-6
The Beginning of the WoesMt.24.3-14 Mk.13.3-13 | Lk.21.7-19
The Great TribulationMt.24.15-28 Mk.13.14-23 | Lk.21.20-24
- For then there will be great tribulationMt.24.21 Dn.12.1 | Jl.2.2
The Coming of the Son of ManMt.24.29-31 Mk.13.24-37 | Lk.21.25-28
- then will appear the sign of the Son of manMt.24.30 Zch.12.10-14
The Lesson of the Fig TreeMt.24.32-35 Mk.13.28-31 | Lk.21.29-33
The Unknown Day and HourMt.24.36-44 Mk.13.32-37 | Lk.17.26-30 | Lk.17.34-36
The Faithful or the Unfaithful ServantMt.24.45-51 Lk.12.41-48
The Parable of the Ten MaidensMt.25.1-13
The Parable of the TalentsMt.25.14-30 Lk.19.11-27
The Judgment of the NationsMt.25.31-46
The Plot to Kill JesusMt.26.1-5 Mk.14.1-2 | Lk.22.1-2 | Jn.11.45-53
The Anointing at BethanyMt.26.6-13 Mk.14.3-9 | Lk.12.1-8
Judas' Agreement to Betray JesusMt.26.14-16 Mk.14.10-11 | Lk.22.3-6
- they paid him thirty pieces of silver.Mt.26.15 Zch.11.12
The Passover with the DisciplesMt.26.17-25 Mk.14.12-21 | Lk.22.7-14 | Lk.22.21-23 | Jn.13.21-30
The Institution of the Lord's SupperMt.26.26-30 Mk.14.22-25 | Lk.22.14-23 | 1Cor.11.23-26
Peter's Denial ForetoldMt.26.31-35 Mk.14.27-31 | Lk.22.31-34 | Jn.13.36-38
The Prayer in GethsemaneMt.26.36-46 Mk.14.32-42 | Lk.22.39-46
The Betrayal and Arrest of JesusMt.26.47-56 Mk.14.43-50 | Lk.22.47-53 | Jn.18.3-12
Jesus before the CouncilMt.26.57-68 Mk.14.53-65 | Lk.22.54-55 | Jn.18.13-14 | Jn.18.19-24
- hereafter you will see the Son of manMt.26.64 Ps.110.1 | Dn.7.13
Peter's Denial of JesusMt.26.69-75 Mk.14.66-72 | Lk.22.56-62 | Jn.18.15-18 | Jn.18.25-27
Jesus Brought before PilateMt.27.1-2 Mk.15.1 | Lk.23.1-2 | Jn.18.28-32
The Death of JudasMt.27.3-10 Ac.1.18-19
- And they took the thirty pieces of silverMt.27.9 Zch.11.12-13
Jesus Questioned by PilateMt.27.11-14 Mk.15.2-5 | Lk.23.3-5 | Jn.18.33-38
Jesus Sentenced to DieMt.27.15-26 Mk.15.6-15 | Lk.23.13-25 | Jn.18.39-19.16
The Soldiers Mock JesusMt.27.27-31 Mk.15.16-20 | Jn.19.2-3
The Crucifixion of JesusMt.27.32-44 Mk.15.21-32 | Lk.23.26-43 | Jn.19.17-27
- they offered him wine to drink, mingled with gall - but when he tasted it, he would not drinkMt.27.34 Ps.69.21
- And when they had crucified him, they divided his garments among them by casting lots -Mt.27.35 Ps.22.18
- And those who passed by derided him, wagging their headsMt.27.39 Ps.22.7 | Ps.109.25 | Lm.2.15
- He trusts in God - let God deliver him now, if he desires him - for he said, 'I am the Son ofMt.27.43 Ps.22.8
The Death of JesusMt.27.45-56 Mk.15.33-41 | Lk.23.44-49 | Jn.19.28-30
- My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?Mt.27.46 Ps.22.1
The Burial of JesusMt.27.57-61 Mk.15.42-47 | Lk.23.50-56 | Jn.19.38-42
The Guard on the TombMt.27.62-66
The Resurrection of JesusMk.28.1-10 Mk.16.1-8 | Lk.24.1-12 | Jn.20.1-10
The Report of the GuardMt.28.11-15
The Commissioning of the DisciplesMt.28.16-20 Mk.16.14-18 | Lk.24.36-49 | Jn.20.19-23 | Ac.1.6-8

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