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The Song of Moses.Canticles.1.1-15 The Prayer of Moses.Canticles.2.1-43 Hannah's Song of Praise.Canticles.3.1-10 The Song of the Vineyard.Canticles.4a.1-9 Prayer of Isaiah.Canticles.4b.9-20 Jonah's Prayer.Canticles.5.3-10 Habakkuk's Prayer.Canticles.6.2-19 Hezekiah's Psalm of Praise.Canticles.7.10-20 Prayer of Menashe.Odes.8.1-15 Prayer of Azariah.Odes.9.26-45 The Song of the Three Friends.Odes.10.52-88 Mary's Song of Praise.Canticles.11.46-55 The Song of Simeon.Canticles.12.29-32 The Song of Zechariah.Canticles.13.68-79 The Morning Hymn.Odes.14.1-45
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