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1 Samuel by Passage
SAMUEL 1. ELI - Judge at Shiloh. Birth of SAMUEL.1Sm.1.1-20
Dedication of Samuel.1Sm.1.21-28
Hannah's song of praise.1Sm.2.1-10
Samuel ministers at Shiloh.1Sm.2.11-26
Eli's prophet of doom.1Sm.2.27-36
The call of Samuel.1Sm.3.1-4.1
Israel defeated. Capture of the ark.1Sm.4.2-11
Death of Eli.1Sm.4.12-18
The Philistines & the Ark.1Sm.5.1-7.2
SAMUEL - Judge. Defeat of the Philistines.1Sm.7.3-17
SAUL - Israel demands a king.1Sm.8.1-22
Selection of Saul.1Sm.9.1-27
SAUL - coronation of a King. (1026 BCE)1Sm.10.1-27
Defeat of the Ammonites.1Sm.11.1-15
Samuel lays down his office as Judge.1Sm.12.1-25
Saul's war with the Philistines.1Sm.13.1-23
Saul's family and army.1Sm.14.49-52
Saul rejected.1Sm.15.1-35
DAVID chosen to be king.1Sm.16.1-23
David & Goliath.1Sm.17.12-58
David & Jonathan.1Sm.18.1-5
Saul's resentment.1Sm.18.6-16
David marries Saul's daughter.1Sm.18.17-30
Saul persecutes David.1Sm.19.1-24
Saul Tries to Kill David.
Jonathan helps David.1Sm.20.1-42
David's flight from Saul.1Sm.21.1-26.25
Slaughter of the priests.1Sm.22.1-23
David saves Keilah.1Sm.23.1-13
David in the hill country.1Sm.23.15-29
David spares Saul's life.1Sm.24.1-22
Death of Samuel.1Sm.25.1
David & Abigail.1Sm.25.2-44
David spares Saul's life again.1Sm.26.1-25
David among the Philistines.1Sm.27.1-28.2
The Medium of Endor.1Sm.28.3-25
The Philistines reject David.1Sm.29.1-11
War against the Amalekites.1Sm.30.1-31
Death of Saul & his sons.1Sm.31.1-13

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