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Micah by Passage
MICAH. A prophet to the southern kingdom - Judah.Mic.1.1
A lament for Samaria & Jerusalem.Mic.1.2-9
The enemy approaches Jerusalem.Mic.1.10.16
Thre fate of those who oppress the poor.Mic.2.1-13
Micah denounces Israel's leaders.Mic.3.1-12
The LORD's universal reign of peace.Mic.4.1-5.1
God promises a ruler from Bethlehem.Mic.5.2-4
Deliverance & punishment.Mic.5.5-15
The LORD's case against Israel.Mic.6.1-5
What the LORD requires.Mic.6.6-16
Israel's moral corruption.Mic.7.1-7
The LORD brings salvation.Mic.7.8-13
The LORD's compassion on Israel.Mic.7.14-20

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