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Amos by Passage
AMOS. A prophet to the northern kingdom - Israel.Am.1.1-2
God's judgement on Israel's neighbours: Judgement on Syria.Am.1.3-5
Judgement on Philistia.Am.1.6-8
Judgement on Tyre.Am.1.9-10
Judgement on Edom.Am.1.11-12
Judgement on Ammon.Am.1.13-15
Judgement on Judah.Am.2.4-5
The task of the prophet.Am.3.3-8
The doom of Samaria.Am.3.9-4.3
Israel's failure to learn.Am.4.4-13
A call to repentance.Am.5.1-27
The destruction of Israel.Am.6.1-14
A vision of locusts.Am.7.1-3
A vision of Fire.Am.7.4-6
A vision of a plumb-line.Am.7.7-17
A vision of a basket of fruit.Am.8.1-3
Israel's Doom.Am.8.4-14.
The LORD's judgements.Am.9.1-10
The future restoration of Israel.Am.9.11-15
The Day of Atonement.Lv.23.26-32

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