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Hosea by Passage
HOSEA. A prophet of the northern kingdom - Israel.Hs.1.1
Hosea's wife & children.Hs.1.2-9
Israel is to be restored.Hs.1.10-2.1
Unfaithful Gomer - unfaithful Israel.Hs.2.2-13
The LORD's love for his children.Hs.2.14-23
Hosea & the unfaithful woman.Hs.3.1-5
The LORD's accusation against Israel.Hs.4.1-3
The LORD accuses the priests.Hs.4.4-10
The LORD condemns pagan worship.Hs.4.11-5.3
Hosea warns against Idolatry.Hs.5.4-7
War between Israel & Judah.Hs.5.8-15
The people's insincere repentance.Hs.6.1-7.2
Conspiracy in the palace.Hs.7.3-7
Israel & the nations.Hs.7.8-16
The LORD condemns Israel for Idol worship.Hs.8.1-14
Hosea pronounces punishment for Israel.Hs.9.1-9
The consequences of Israel's sin.Hs.9.10-14
Judgement on Israel.Hs.9.15-16
The prophet speaks about Israel.Hs.9.17-10.8
The LORD pronounces judgement on Israel.Hs.10.9-15
God's love for his rebellious people.Hs.11.1-11
Both Israel & Judah are condemned.Hs.11.12-12.6
Final judgement on Israel.Hs.13.1-16
Hosea's plea to Israel.Hs.14.1-3
the LORD promises new life for Israel.Hs.14.4-8

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