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Ecclesiastes by Passage
ECCLESIASTES. Life is useless.Ec.1.1-11
The philosopher's experience.Ec.1.12-2.26
A time for everything.Ec.3.1-15
Injustice in the world.Ec.3.16-4.16
Don't make rash promises.Ec.5.1-7
Life is useless.Ec.5.8-6.12
Thoughts about life.Ec.7.1-8.1
Obey the king.Ec.8.2-8
The wicked & the righteous.Ec.8.9-9.12
Thoughts on wisdom & foolishness.Ec.9.13-10.20
What a wise man does.Ec.11.1-8
Advice to young people.Ec.11.9-12.8
Summing up.Ec.12.0-13

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