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Esther by Passage
Additions to Esther by Passage
ESTHER. Queen Vashti defies King Ahasuerus.Est.1.1
Esther becomes Queen.Est.2.1-18
Mordecai saves the queen's life.Est.2.19-23
Haman plots to destroy the Jews.Est.3.1-15
Mordecai asks for Esther's help.Est.4.1-17
Esther invites the king & Haman to a banquet.Est.5.1-8
Haman plots to kill Mordecai.Est.5.9-14
The king honours Mordecai.Est.6.1-13
Haman is put to death.Est.6.14-10
The Jews are permitted to defend themselves.Est.8.1-17
The Jews destroy their enemies.Est.9.1-19
The greatness of Ahasuerus & Mordecai.Est.10.1-3
Mordecai remembers his dream.Est.10.1-10
Mordecai's strange dream.Est.11.2-12
Mordecai saves the king's life.Est.12.1-6
Xerxes' proclamation against the Jews.Est.13.1-7
Mordecai's prayer.Est.13.8-14.19
Esther's prayer.Est.14.1-30
Esther goes to the king.Est.15.2-12
The king's decree in favour of the Jews.Est.16.1-24

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