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Ezra by Passage
EZRA. The Edict of Cyrus. Return of the exiles.Ez.1.1-11
Census - Those who returned from exile.Ez.2.1-70Ne.7.4-73
Worship begins again.Ez.3.1-6
Building of the second temple begins.Ez.3.7-13
Opposition to the rebuilding of the temple.Ez.15.4.1-5
Opposition to the rebuilding of Jerusalem.Ez.4.6-23
Work on the second temple begins again.Ez.4.24-5.17
Rediscovery of Cyrus' edict.Ez.6.1-5
Darius orders the work to continue.Ez.6.6-12
Dedication of the second temple.Ez.6.13-18
The Passover.Ez.6.19-22
EZRA arrives in Jerusalem.Ez.7.1-10
The Proclamation of Artaxerxes.Ez.7.11-26
Ezra praises the LORD.Ez.7.27-28
Census - Those who returned with Ezra.Ez.8.1-14
Ezra finds Levites for the temple.Ez.8.15-20
Ezra leads the people in fasting & prayer.Ez.8.21-23
Gifts for the temple.Ez.9.24-30
The return to Jerusalem.Ez.8.31-36
Ezra learns of the mixed marriages.Ez.9.1-15
The plan for ending mixed marriages.Ez.10.1-17
The men who had foreign wives.Ez.10.18-44

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