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1 Kings by Passage
KINGS 1. King DAVID in his old age.1Kgs.1.1-4
Adonijah claims the throne.1Kgs.1.5-10
SOLOMON is made king. (976 BCE)1Kgs.1.11-53
David's last instructions.1Kgs.2.1-9
Death of David.1Kgs.2.10-12
Death of Adonijah.1Kgs.2.13-25
Abiathar's banishment - death of Joab.1Kgs.2.26-35
Death of Shimei.1Kgs.2.36-46
Solomon prays for wisdom.1Kgs.3.1-15
Solomon judges a difficult case.1Kgs.3.16-28
Solomon's officials.1Kgs.4.1-19
Solomon's prosperous reign.1Kgs.4.20-34
Solomon's temple project.1Kgs.5.1-182Chr.2.1-18
Building the first temple.1Kgs.6.1-14
The Interior furnishings of the temple.1Kgs.6.15-382Chr.3.8-14
Solomon's palace.1Kgs.7.1-12
Hyram the craftsman in bronze.1Kgs.7.13-14
The two bronze columns.1Kgs.7.15-222Chr.3.15-17
The bronze water cistern.1Kgs.7.23-262Chr.4.2-5
The Bronze carts.1Kgs.7.27-39
The temple furnishing list.1Kgs.7.40-512Chr.4.11-5.1
The Ark is brought into the temple.1Kgs.8.1-132Chr.5.2-6.2
Solomon's address to the people.1Kgs.8.14-212Chr.6.3-11
Solomon's prayer.1Kgs.8.22-612Chr.6.12-42
Dedication of the temple.1Kgs.8.62-66
A warning.1Kgs.9.1-92Chr.7.11-22
Solomon's agreement with King Hyram.1Kgs.9.10-142Chr.8.1-2
Further achievements of Solomon.1Kgs.9.15-282Chr.8.3-18
The Queen of Sheba.1Kgs.10.1-132Chr.9.1-12
King Solomon's wealth.1Kgs.10.14-292Chr.9.13-28
Solomon turns away from the LORD.1Kgs.11.1-13
Solomon's enemies.1Kgs.11.14-25
The LORD's promise to Jereboam.1Kgs.11.26-40
Death of Solomon. REHOBOAM king of Judah. (936 BCE)1Kgs.11.41-432Chr.9.29-31
The revolt of the northern tribes. JEROBOAM king of Israel. (936 BCE)1Kgs.12.1-202Chr.10.1-19
Shemaiah's prophecy.1Kgs.12.21-242Chr.11.1-4
Jeroboam turns away from the LORD.1Kgs.12.25-31
Worship at Bethel condemned.1Kgs.12.32-13.10
The old prophet of Bethel.1Kgs.13.11-32
Jeroboam's fatal sin.1Kgs.13.33-34
Death of Jeroboam's son.1Kgs.14.1-18
Death of Jeroboam. His son NADAB king of Israel.1Kgs.14.19-20
REHOBOAM king of Judah. (936 BCE)1Kgs.14.21-312Chr.11.5-12.15
ABIJAH king of Judah. (919 BCE)1Kgs.15.1-82Chr.13.1-14.1
ASA king of Judah. (916 BCE)1Kgs.15.9-242Chr.15.16-16.6
NADAB king of Israel. (914 BCE)1Kgs.15.25-32
BAASHA king of Israel. (912 BCE)1Kgs.15.33-16.7
ELAH king of Israel. (888 BCE)1Kgs.16.8-14
ZIMRI king of Israel. (886 BCE)1Kgs.16.15-20
OMRI king of Israel. (886 BCE)1Kgs.16.21-22
AHAB king of Israel. (874 BCE)1Kgs.16.29-34
ELIJAH the prophet. The Drought.1Kgs.17.1-7
Elijah & the widow of Zarephath.1Kgs.17.8-24
Elijah & the prophets of Baal.1Kgs.18.1-40
Elijah - the end of the drought.1Kgs.18.41-46
Elijah on Mount Sinai.1Kgs.19.1-18
The call of ELISHA.1Kgs.19.19-21
Ahab - war with Benhadad, king of Syria.1Kgs.20.1-22
Ahab - the second Syrian attack.1Kgs.20.23-34
Ahab & the prophets.1Kgs.20.35-43
Naboth's vineyard.1Kgs.21.1-29
The prophet Micaiah warns Ahab.1Kgs.22.1-282Chr.18.2-27
Death of Ahab.1Kgs.22.29-402Chr.18.28-34
End of the reign of AHAB.
JEHOSHAPHAT king of Judah. (875 BCE)1Kgs.22.41-502Chr.20.31-21.1
AHAZIAH king of Israel. (852 BCE)1Kgs.22.51-53

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