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2 Samuel by Passage
SAMUEL 2. DAVID learns of Saul's death.2Sm.1.1-16
David's lament for Saul & Jonathan.2Sm.1.17-27
David anointed king over Judah.2Sm.2.1-7
ISHBOSHETH king of Israel.2Sm.2.8-11
War between Israel & Judah.2Sm.2.12-32
Abner & Ishbosheth quarrel.2Sm.3.1-16
The murder of Abner.2Sm.3.17-21
The murder of Abner.2Sm.3.22-39
The murder of Ishbosheth.2Sm.4.1-12
DAVID KING of a united kingdom of Israel & Judah. (1016 BCE)2Sm.5.1-51Chr.11.1-9 | 1Chr.14.1-7
The capture of Jerusalem.2Sm.5.6-15
Victory over the Philistines.2Sm.5.17-251Chr.14.8-17
The Ark is brought to Jerusalem.2Sm.6.1-231Chr.13.1-14 | 1Chr.15.25-16.6 | 1Chr.16.43
Nathan the prophet.2Sm.7.1-171Chr.17.1-15
David's prayer of thanksgiving.2Sm.7.18-291.Chr.17.16-27
David's military victories.2Sm.8.1-181Chr.18.1-17
David & Mephibosheth.1Sm.9.1-13
David defeats the Ammonites & the Syrians.2Sm.10.1-191Chr.19.1-19
David & Bathsheba.2Sm.11.1-27
Nathan's message & David's repentance.2Sm.12.1-15
The death of David's son.2Sm.12.15-23
Birth of Solomon.2Sm.12.24-25
David captures Rabbah.2Sm.12.26-31
Amnon & Tamar.2Sm.13.1-22
Absalom's revenge.2Sm.13.23-39
Return of Absalom.2Sm.14.1-24
Absalom is reconciled to David.2Sm.14.25-33
Absalom plans rebellion.2Sm.15.1-12
David flees from Jerusalem.2Sm.15.13-37
David & Ziba.2Sm.16.1-4
David & Shimei.2Sm.16.5-14
Absalom in Jerusalem.2Sm.16.15-23
Hushai misleads Absalom.2Sm.17.1-14
David's escape.2Sm.17.15-29
Defeat & death of Absalom.2Sm.18.1-18
David learns of the death of Absalom.2Sm.18.19-33
Joab reprimands David.2Sm.19.1-8
David's return to Jerusalem.2Sm.19.8-18
The repentance & forgiveness of Shimei.2Sm.19.18-23
David shows kindness to Mephibosheth.2Sm.19.24-30
David shows kindness to Barzillai.2Sm.19.31-39
Judah & Israel argue over the king.2Sm.19.40-43
Sheba's rebellion.2Sm.20.1-22
David's officials.2Sm.20.23-26
Death of Saul's descendants.2Sm.21.1-14
Victories over the Philistines.2Sm.21.15-22
David's victory song.2Sm.22.1-51Ps.18
David's last words.2Sm.23.1-7
David's famous soldiers.2Sm.23.8-39
David's census.2Sm.24.1-251Chr.21.1-27

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