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1 Ὠιδὴ ψαλμοῦ τοῖς υἱοῖς Κορε· εἰς τὸ τέλος, ὑπὲρ μαελεθ τοῦ ἀποκριθῆναι· συνέσεως Αιμαν τῷ Ισραηλίτῃ. Help Me O Lord!. Psalm 88(v87)A song of a Psalm for the sons of Core for the end, upon Maeleth for responsive strains of instruction for Aeman the Israelite.
2 Κύριε ὁ θεὸς τῆς σωτηρίας μου,
ἡμέρας ἐκέκραξα καὶ ἐν νυκτὶ ἐναντίον σου·
 O Lord God of my salvation,
I have cried by day and in the night before you.
3 εἰσελθάτω ἐνώπιόν σου ἡ προσευχή μου,
κλῖνον τὸ οὖς σου εἰς τὴν δέησίν μου, κύριε.
 Let my prayer come in before you;
incline your ear to my supplication, O Lord.
4 ὅτι ἐπλήσθη κακῶν ἡ ψυχή μου,
καὶ ἡ ζωή μου τῷ ᾅδῃ ἤγγισεν·
 For my soul is filled with troubles,
and my life has drawn nigh to Hades.
5 προσελογίσθην μετὰ τῶν καταβαινόντων εἰς λάκκον,
ἐγενήθην ὡς ἄνθρωπος ἀβοήθητος ἐν νεκροῖς ἐλεύθερος,
 I have been reckoned with them that go down to the pit;
I became as a man without help;
6 ὡσεὶ τραυματίαι ἐρριμμένοι καθεύδοντες ἐν τάφῳ,
ὧν οὐκ ἐμνήσθης ἔτι καὶ αὐτοὶ ἐκ τῆς χειρός σου ἀπώσθησαν.
 free among the dead, as the slain ones cast out, who sleep in the tomb;
whom you remember no more; and they are rejected from your hand.
7 ἔθεντό με ἐν λάκκῳ κατωτάτῳ,
ἐν σκοτεινοῖς καὶ ἐν σκιᾷ θανάτου.
 They laid me in the lowest pit,
in dark places, and in the shadow of death.
8 ἐπ' ἐμὲ ἐπεστηρίχθη ὁ θυμός σου,
καὶ πάντας τοὺς μετεωρισμούς σου ἐπ' ἐμὲ ἐπήγαγες.
 Your wrath has pressed heavily upon me,
and you have brought upon me all your billows.
9 ἐμάκρυνας τοὺς γνωστούς μου ἀπ' ἐμοῦ,
ἔθεντό με βδέλυγμα ἑαυτοῖς·
παρεδόθην καὶ οὐκ ἐξεπορευόμην.
 You have removed my acquaintance far from me;
they have made me an abomination to themselves;
I have been delivered up, and have not gone forth.
10 οἱ ὀφθαλμοί μου ἠσθένησαν ἀπὸ πτωχείας·
ἐκέκραξα πρὸς σέ, Κύριε, ὅλην τὴν ἡμέραν,
διεπέτασα πρὸς σὲ τὰς χεῖράς μου
 Mine eyes are dimmed from poverty;
but I cried to you, O Lord, all the day;
I spread forth my hands to you.
11 Μὴ τοῖς νεκροῖς ποιήσεις θαυμάσια;
ἢ ἰατροὶ ἀναστήσουσιν, καὶ ἐξομολογήσονταί σοι;
 Will you work wonders for the dead?
or shall physicians raise them up, that they shall praise you?
12 μὴ διηγήσεταί τις ἐν τάφῳ τὸ ἔλεός σου,
καὶ τὴν ἀλήθειάν σου ἐν τῇ ἀπωλείᾳ;
 Shall any one declare your mercy in the tomb?
and your truth in destruction?
13 μὴ γνωσθήσεται ἐν τῷ σκότει τὰ θαυμάσιά σου,
καὶ ἡ δικαιοσύνη σου ἐν γῇ ἐπιλελησμένῃ;
 Shall your wonders be known in darkness?
and your righteousness in a forgotten land?
14 κἀγὼ πρὸς σέ, κύριε, ἐκέκραξα,
καὶ τὸ πρωῒ ἡ προσευχή μου προφθάσει σε.
 But I cried to you, O Lord;
and in the morning shall my prayer prevent you.
15 ἵνα τί, κύριε, ἀπωθεῖς τὴν ψυχήν μου,
ἀποστρέφεις τὸ πρόσωπόν σου ἀπ' ἐμοῦ;
 Why, O Lord, do you reject my prayer,
and turn your face away from me?
16 πτωχός εἰμι ἐγὼ καὶ ἐν κόποις ἐκ νεότητός μου,
ὑψωθεὶς δὲ ἐταπεινώθην καὶ ἐξηπορήθην.
 I am poor and in troubles from my youth;
and having been exalted, I was brought low and into despair.
17 ἐπ' ἐμὲ διῆλθον αἱ ὀργαί σου,
καὶ οἱ φοβερισμοί σου ἐξετάραξάν με,
 Your wrath has passed over me;
and your terrors have greatly disquieted me.
18 ἐκύκλωσάν με ὡς ὕδωρ ὅλην τὴν ἡμέραν,
περιέσχον με ἅμα.
 They compassed me like water;
all the day they beset me together.
19 ἐμάκρυνας ἀπ' ἐμοῦ φίλον
καὶ πλησίον καὶ τοὺς γνωστούς μου ἀπὸ ταλαιπωρίας.
 You have put far from me every friend,
and mine acquaintances because of my wretchedness.
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