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1 Εἰς τὸ τέλος, ὑπὲρ μαελεθ· συνέσεως τῷ Δαυιδ. Wickedness of Men. Psalm 53(v52)For the end a Psalm of David upon Maeleth of instruction.
2 Εἶπεν ἄφρων ἐν καρδίᾳ αὐτοῦ Οὐκ ἔστιν θεός.
διεφθάρησαν καὶ ἐβδελύχθησαν ἐν ἀνομίαις,
οὐκ ἔστιν ποιῶν ἀγαθόν.
 The fool has said in his heart There is no God.
They have corrupted themselves and become abominable in iniquities:
there is none that does good.
3 ὁ θεὸς ἐκ τοῦ οὐρανοῦ διέκυψεν ἐπὶ τοὺς υἱοὺς τῶν ἀνθρώπων,
τοῦ ἰδεῖν εἰ ἔστιν συνίων ἢ ἐκζητῶν τὸν θεόν.
 God looked down from heaven upon the sons of men,
to see if there were any that understood, or sought after God.
4 πάντες ἐξέκλιναν, ἅμα ἠχρεώθησαν,
οὐκ ἔστιν ποιῶν ἀγαθόν, οὐκ ἔστιν ἕως ἑνός.
 They have all gone out o the way, they are together become unprofitable;
there is none that does good, there is not even one.
5 οὐχὶ γνώσονται πάντες οἱ ἐργαζόμενοι τὴν ἀνομίαν;
οἱ ἔσθοντες τὸν λαόν μου βρώσει ἄρτου τὸν θεὸν οὐκ ἐπε καλέσαντο.
 Will none of the workers of iniquity know, who devour my people as they would eat bread?
they have not called upon God.
There were they greatly afraid, where there was no fear:
6 ἐκεῖ φοβηθήσονται φόβον, οὗ οὐκ ἦν φόβος,
ὅτι ὁ θεὸς διεσκόρπισεν ὀστᾶ ἀνθρωπαρέσκων·
κατῃσχύνθησαν, ὅτι ὁ θεὸς ἐξουδένωσεν αὐτούς.
 for God has scattered the bones of the men-pleasers;
they were ashamed, for God despised them.
7 τίς δώσει ἐκ Σιων τὸ σωτήριον τοῦ Ισραηλ;
ἐν τῷ ἐπιστρέψαι κύριον τὴν αἰχμαλωσίαν τοῦ λαοῦ αὐτοῦ ἀγαλλιάσεται Ιακωβ καὶ εὐφρανθήσεται Ισραηλ.
 Who will bring the salvation of Israel out of Sion?
When the Lord turns the captivity of his people, Jacob shall exult, and Israel shall be glad.
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