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Notes: I have used the Biblia Hebraica text available at www.tyndale.cam.ac.uk. (Rahlfs Lxx) & adapted it to database format.
For the English translation, I have given verse-by-verse comparison against the Revised Standard Version 1952.
A comprehensive New Study Bible Passage table provides passage headings & cross references to parallel passages elsewhere in the Old Testament.
I have included links to introductory chapters in Oesterley & Robinson's "Introduction to the Old Testament", also featured on this site.
All database tables have been prepared in MS Access 2000, then transferred to a MySQL database on a unix server & are displayed via PHP web-pages.
Any discrepancies (mismatched columns, truncated verses, any other mistakes) please e-mail me so that I can put things right.
© Paul Ingram 2006.