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Paul to Timothy (I)

Section Sec.Ref Passage Psg.Ref
PAUL: TO TIMOTHY 1 Salutation 1Tm.1.1-2         
Warning against False Doctrine 1Tm.1.3-11         
Thankfulness for mercy 1Tm.1.12-20         
Instructions concerning Prayer 1Tm.2.1-15         
Qualifications of Bishops 1Tm.3.1-7         
Qualifications of Deacons 1Tm.3.8-13         
SUMMARIES OF THE CHRISTIAN FAITH The Mystery of Our Religion 1Tm.3.14-16         
Prediction of Apostasy 1Tm.4.1-5         
A Good Minister of Jesus Christ 1Tm.4.6-16         
Duties toward Others 1Tm.5.1-6.2         
False Teaching and True Wealth 1Tm.6.2-10         
The Good Fight of Faith 1Tm.5.11-21