Thomas Tallis

(born about 1505-1585).

In 1540, on the dissolution of Waltham Abbey he received forty shillings wages and bounty, which suggests that he had been organist or Master of the Choristers there.
About 1540 he became a Gentleman of the Chapel.
In 1557 Mary granted him part lease for twenty-one years of Minster (Sheppey), and in 1574-5 Tallis and Byrd who were then joint organists of the Chapel Royal were granted a monopoly by Elizabeth to print music and music-ruled paper.
Under this licence most of the music of the period was printed.
Tallis died at Greenwich and was buried in the parish church.
A commemorative plate will be found in the present church.
Publications in his lifetime are:
Cantiones Sacrae
, 1575 (with Byrd) and five English anthems in Day's Certaine Notes, 1560-1565.
There are a few Latin services and about fifty motets.
Besides about thirty English anthems, of which ten or so are adaptations (some possibly by Tallis himself), there are two English services, the Dorian Te Deum, and settings of the preces, responses and litany.
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