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Ur (See also wiki article Ur.)

UR OF THE CHALDEES, whence Abraham set out upon his journey to Canaan (Gn.11.28-31, 15.7, Neh.9.7), is usually identified with the well-known city of Uri in southern Babylonia, the site of which is marked by the mounds of Muqayyar. Literary and non-literary remains on the site testify to high civilization and international trade. Excavation has shown that the city was in existence early in the 3rd millennium BC, and became the seat of kings of three Dynasties, under whom arts and crafts attained a very high standard. The chief gods were the moon-god Nanna, i.e. Sin, and his consort Nin-gal. Samsu-iluna, son of Hammurabi, razed the walls and burnt the city which had rebelled against the rule of Babylon. Five hundred years later, Kurigalzu, a Kassite ruler, rebuilt local shrines. The last royal builder was Cyrus, king of Anshan and conqueror of Babylon. The latest tablets found in situ are of the 5th cent. [Article: Dictionary of the Bible, J.Hastings, 2nd Ed., T&T.Clark, 1963 - B.C.L.W.K. - T.F.]