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Nain (See also wiki article Nein.)

NAIN - From Hebrew Na'im. The town where Jesus raised the widow's son to life (Lk.7.11). The name is found in the modern Nen, a village six miles SE. of Nazareth on the N. slope of the so-called ' Little Hermon.' The summit of the hill is 1690 feet high, with a white-domed sanctuary, the tomb of the saint from whom the mountain takes its modern name, Jebel ed-Dahl. The village is 744 feet above the sea. Ruins stretch to the N., showing that the place was once of some importance, but they are comparatively modern. The rock-cut tombs to the E., however, bespeak a much higher antiquity. The small sanctuary, Maqam Sidna 'Isa, ' Place of our Lord Jesus,' on the north, doubtless commemorates the visit of the Saviour. The spring lies on the W. side of the town In this quarter sherds of both Israelite and Roman times are said to have been found. The site commands an interesting view. Across a narrow bay of Esdraelon rises Mount Tabor, over the eastern shoulder of which the white summit of Hermon is visible , while to the NW. and W. the eye ranges over the hills of Lower Galilee, and the rolling breadths of the great plain, to Mount Carmel by the sea. [Article: Dictionary of the Bible, J.Hastings, 2nd Ed., T&T.Clark, 1963. - W.E. - E.G. K.]