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Jezreel (See also wiki article Jezreel_(city).)

JEZREEL - The name ('God sows') refers to fertile land and is applied to two localities.

1. The Plain of Jezreel (whence the Greek Esdraelon) is so called from the town of Jezreel, which stood at the foot of the NW. spur of the Gilboa ridge, near the scene of Gideon's exploit against the Midianites and Saul's encampment 'by the fountain of Jezreel,' possibly 'Ain Jalud, before the disaster of Gilboa (1 S.29.1). In the district of Issachar (Jos.19.18), it is named as part of the land which remained loyal to the House of Saul after his death (2 S.2.9). Under Solomon it was in the administrative district of Baana (1 K.4.12). Commanding access from Bethshan to the main part of the Plain of Esdraelon it was occupied by Ahab, no doubt as a base of operations against Aram about Ramoth-gilead. It may also have served as a winter resort for the king (1 K.18.45, 21.1), for whose amenity the vineyard of Naboth was confiscated (1 K.2.1). Jezreel may have been the home of the family of Omri, the father of Ahab. Here Joram, the son of Ahab, was slain by Jehu, with Jezebel and all the house of Ahab, on his withdrawal from Ramoth-gilead (2 K.8.29, 9, 10). Jezreel thereafter sank into insignificance. The place survives in the Arab village of Zer'in, an unimportant hamlet. No trace of its former significance remains, but potsherds indicate occupation in the Late Bronze Age (c 1500-1200 BC), the Iron Age, and the Roman period.

2. Another Jezreel, of which nothing is known, was in Judah, probably E. or SE. of Hebron (Jos.15.56), and was the home of Abinoam, one of David's wives (1 S.25.43).
3. A Judahite, or perhaps a family of Judah (1 Ch.4.3).
4. Jezreel was the name given symbolically to one of his children by Hosea (1.4), who condemned the bloody opportunism of the House of Jehu, who had effected his coup d'etat at Jezreel.
5. EV Jezreel in Hos.2.22 should possibly be translated literally 'God sows,' and treated as an exclamation. [Article: Dictionary of the Bible, J.Hastings, 2nd Ed., T&T.Clark, 1963 - R.A.S.M. - J.Gr.]