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Gadara - Roman threatre.

Gadara, Gadarenes (See also wiki article Gadara.)

GADARA - A town on the Yarmuk river about six miles SE. of the Lake of Galilee, which is visible from it. Its territory may have extended to the Lake. On some of its coins a ship is portrayed. The ancient name has clung to some caves among the ruins, but in general the place is called Muqes. The site is a large one and has never received much exploration. The name indicates that it was a Semitic settlement. Its capture by Antiochus III (218 BC) is the first mention of it in history. It was taken by the Jews under Alexander Jannaeus (103-76 BC), but liberated by Pompey in 63 BC. It joined the federation of Greek cities called the Decapolis. Temporarily it lost that status when Augustus granted it to Herod the Great. It was famous for its hot springs at nearby Hammath Geder (el-Hammeh). The region belonging to Gadara is the scene of the healing of the man possessed by a demon (Mt.8.28). In the parallel texts (Mk.5.1, Lk.8.26) the best MSS read Gerasenes, others Gergesenes and some Gadarenes. The Gergesenes are a dubious entity?the linking of that name with a place called Kurseh on the eastern shore of the Lake of Galilee is unwarranted. The territory of Gerasa did not reach to the lake, while that of Gadara easily could have done so. The reading Gadarenes thus must be accounted as the most probable. [Article: Dictionary of the Bible, J.Hastings, 2nd Ed., T&T.Clark, 1963 - E.G.K.]