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The supper at Emmaus-Caravaggio

Emmaus (See also wiki article Emmaus.)

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The Crusader Church, Latrun (ruin). 1 (338kb) | 2 (310kb) | Monastery of the 7 sorrows (Trappist) Chapel-1 (149kb) | 2 (149kb).

EMMAUS - The objective of Cleopas and his companion, said to be sixty stadia from Jerusalem (Lk.24.13). Those who rely on the estimate of distance and considerations of time in the narrative seek it at el-Iqbebeh, NW. of the city. But the name is a safer guide. The name comes from Hamma, 'warm well,' and there are none such at the place mentioned. Emmaus is clearly the Ammaous of Josephus, called Nicopolis in Eusebius' time and to-day Amwas. Here there are several warm-water wells. As it is twenty miles from Jerusalem, rather than seven as suggested by Luke, this causes perplexity for those who would press the details of the story. The Codex Sinaiticus reads '160 stadia' instead of sixty. Emmaus was on the road to Jaffa. It was the scene of an engagement between Judas Maccabaeus and Gorgias (1 Mac.3.40, 57, 4.3-27) and was fortified by Bacchides (1 Mac.9.50). The supposed other Ammaous where Vespasian settled veterans (BJ vii. vi. 6 [217]) is probably miswritten from Ammosa - the Mozah of Jos.18.26. [Article: Dictionary of the Bible, J.Hastings, 2nd Ed., T&T.Clark, 1963 - E.G.K.]

See also Kiriath-Jearim - the Emmaus - 60 stadia from Jerusalem.