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Bethsaida - Julias (See also wiki article Bethsaida.)

BETHSAIDA - A place on the shore of the Sea of Galilee, whither Jesus went after feeding the five thousand (Mk.6.45, cf Lk.9.10), and where He healed a blind man (Mk.8.22); the home of Philip, Andrew, and Peter (Jn.1.44, 12.21). Along with Chorazin (q.v.) it was denounced for its failure to respond to the gospel (Mt.11.21, Lk.10.13). The town was advanced by Philip the tetrarch to the dignity of a city, and named Julias, in honour of Caesar's daughter. The situation is disputed, and, indeed, authorities differ as to whether or not there were two places of the same name, one E., one W. of the Jordan. However, it seems probable that the old fishing village lay on the shore at Khirbet al-'Araj, E. of the mouth of the Jordan, and that Julias was built further inland. The mound of et-Tell, also E. of the Jordan, must mark the site. [Article: Dictionary of the Bible, J.Hastings, 2nd Ed., T&T.Clark, 1963. - R.A.S.M. - E.G.K.]