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John Rylands Library, Papyrus Greek 458. The earliest extant fragment of a bible MS, consisting of portions of four columns of a roll of papyrus extracted from the cartonnage of a mummy acquired in 1917 by Dr Rendel Harris. It is written in a fine book-hand, which can be assigned to the second century BC & contains Deut.xi.24-xxiv.3, xxv.1-3, xxvi.12, 17-19, xxviii.31-33. Small through these fragments are, their great age gives them a special interest, & it is noteworthy that they concur with the next earliest extant Septuagint MS (963) in agreeing with the vellum uncials Θ & A rather than B. Identified & edited by C H Roberts only two years ago.
Description & picture from 'Our Bible & the Ancient Manuscripts' by Sir Frederick Kenyon (1895 - 4th Ed. 1939) Pg 63 & Plate VI.

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