The Hexagonal Prism of Sennacherib, (The Taylor Prism).

Cylinder of Sennacherib (Taylor Prism). Extract recording the siege of Jerusalem. HOME | Story | Seige of Jeusalem: Prism extract

Cylinder of Sennacherib, king of Assyria, about 705-681bce.
One of the finest & most perfect objects of its class ever discovered.
Its importance as an historical document can hardly be overrated.
It contains 487 lines of closely written cuniform text & was inscribed in the eponymy of Bel-murranni, prefect of Karkemish, c. 691 BCE.
The text records eight expeditions of Sennacherib.

  1. The defeat of Merodach-baladan, king of Babylon, & the sack of the city.
  2. The conquest of Ellipi & subjugation of the Medes.
  3. An invasion of Judah & siege of Jerusalem.
  4. A second campaign against Merodach-baladan, who was deposed in favour of Sennacherib's son Assur-nadin-shum.
  5. A campaign in the countries to the north-west of Assyria.
  6. An expedition to the Persian Gulf & the defeat of the Elamites.
  7. A final expedition to Elam & the conquest of the allied Babylonians & Elamites.

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Taylor Prism: British Museum.