The Transfiguration.

Apse. Church of the Monastery of St Catherine, Sinai.

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"Now Peter and those who were with him were heavy with sleep,
and when they wakened they saw his glory and the two men who stood with him."

... Moses and Elijah ...
Luke 9.32.

The story: Luke.9.28-36.

Monastery of St Catherine: Apse. 'The Transfiguration'. Moses and the burning Bush. 408x400. 55kb. Moses receives THE LAW. 335x400. 40kb. Christ: Detail. 800x590. 233kb. Apse mosaic. 1600x1283. 805kb.

Mosaic. Byzantine, c.540.
Church of the Virgin, Apse,  Monastery of St Catherine, Mount Sinai.
Image - "Sinai and the Monastery of St Catherine", by John Galey. Massada Publishing Ltd, 1980.

Details of the mosaic:

On the triumphal arch:
Left of the window: Moses removes his shoes in the presence of God.
Right of the window: Moses receives THE LAW.
Below: The the lamb of god with the medallions of John the Baptist, the virgin, two archangels. 
Central theme: "The Transfiguration."
Centre: Jesus, shown as the Christ in his two natures - god/man,
accompanied by (left): the prophet Elijah and (right): the prophet Moses.
The witnesses to the Transfiguration:
The Apostles: kneeling (left) John, (right) James, recumbant (centre) Peter.
Surrounding the central theme:
medallions of the twelve Apostles, sixteen prophets, and two sponsors of the mosaic.
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