THE FOUR GOSPELS - A Study of Origins, The Manuscript Tradition, Sources, Authorship, & Dates. By B.H. Streeter, Hon.D.D.Edin. Fellow of Queen's College, Oxford; Canon of Hereford. First published by MacMillan & Co Limited 1924. - Prepared for katapi by Paul Ingram 2004.


In Matthew only Home 
The Tares i.24 ff.
The Hid Treasure i.44.
The Pearl of Great Price i.45 f.
The Drag-net i.47 ff.
The Unmerciful Servant xviii.23 ff.
The Labourers in the Vineyard xx.1 ff.
The Two Sons xxi.28 ff.
The Virgins xxv.1 ff.
In Mark only  
The Seed growing secretly iv.26 ff.
In Luke only  
The Two Debtors vii.41 ff.
The Good Samaritan x.30 ff.
The Importunate Friend xi.5 ff.
The Rich Fool .16 ff.
The Watching Servants .35 ff.
The Barren Fig-tree i.6 ff.
The Lowest Seat xiv.7 ff.
The Tower Builder xiv.28 ff.
The Rash King xiv.31 ff.
The Lost Coin xv.8 ff.
The Prodigal Son xv.11 ff.
The Unrighteous Steward xvi.1 ff.
Dives and Lazarus

xvi.19 ff.

Unprofitable Servants

xvii.7 ff.
The Unjust Judge xviii.1 ff.
Pharisee and Publican xviii.9 ff.

The parables occurring in more than one Gospel are given on p. 243.

Conventional usage seems to include "The Watching Servants" and "The Lowest Seat" in the category parable; but, curiously enough, it excludes "The Houses on Sand and Rock," Mt.vii.24 ff. = ff., and "The Children in the Market Place," Mt.xi.16 ff.= Lk.vii.31 ff.